Elastic Cargo Net

“How do I keep my groceries from rolling off the platform?” was a question we were recently asked about our cargo bike.

Luckily we’d thought about a solution a long time ago- it just took a while to get it into production!

The first accessory we’ve developed in-house and the ultimate accessory for our sportive cargo bike- the aptly-named Elastic Cargo Net.

Featuring a blend of high-strength elastic webbing, our cargo net provides a secure and adaptable hold for various shapes and sizes of cargo- regardless of whether you’re carrying groceries, parcels or camping gear (sometimes all three!).

We’ve fitted a combination of fixed and adjustable loops on all corners, plus two side straps that you can hook onto the platform of your cargo bike. All Unicorn Cargo Bikes have a bottle boss underneath the webbing on the removable platform, which fits the screws that we ship with the Elastic Cargo Net. 

€60 incl. VAT + €10 Shipping anywhere in Europe

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How to add the side fixtures on the platform

Each Elastic Cargo Net ships with the screws you need to fit a fixture on your cargo bike platform to hook the elastic net sides to.
You can use the screws with any cargo bike, although you’ll need to drill a hole and pop a bottle boss in.

If you own a Unicorn Cargo Bike, we have included a bottle boss underneath the removable platform to fit the screw in– so you don’t have to drill a hole yourself :).


  1. Shift the webbing on the platform. The bottle boss should be right in the middle.
  2. Add the screw that comes with your Elastic Cargo Net.
  3. Hook the D-ring on the sides of the Elastic Cargo Net on the screw and adjust the velcro straps.

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