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Child seat rack

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Get ready for family adventures with our child seat rack for the Unicorn Cargo Bike.

Built with both functionality and safety in mind, our child seat rack is made from heavy duty steel and is designed to be fastened on the main frame of the Unicorn Cargo Bike with stainless steel U-clamps. 

Whether you're cruising through city streets or embarking on countryside escapades, this rack provides a stable foundation for your child seat, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey. Perfect for bike-loving parents who want to bring their little ones along for the ride.

Our child seat racks are made in The Netherlands and passes the ISO 11243:2016 standard.

Product information

Child seat rack
  • Steel
  • Black powder coating with matte finish
  • Stainless steel with plastic inserts
Washers, nuts and locking nuts
  • Stainless steel


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Important: Make sure to use anti-galling or anti-seize grease on the thread of the stainless steel U-clamp when installing the child seat rack.

Make lasting memories

Give your little one a front-row seat to the excitement of cycling

Crafted with durability and safety in mind, our rack ensures your child rides safely and securely while you go about your adventures.

Make unforgettable memories together as you explore the world on your Unicorn Cargo Bike.

All about the Child Seat Rack

  • Child seat rack
  • 2x Stainless steel U-clamps
  • 4x M8 Stainless steel washers
  • 4x M8 Stainless steel nuts
  • 4x M8 Stainless steel locking nuts
  • Dimensions: 362mm (L) x 142mm (W) x 56mm (H)
  • Material: Steel with matte black powder coat finish
  • Tube diameter: 13mm
  • Weight: 1.15kg
  • Screw torque: 12-15Nm
  • Recommended maximum load: 27kg in accordance to ISO 11243:2016.
  • Made in The Netherlands

You'll need:

  • All the parts provided with the child seat rack (2x U-clamps, 4x stainless steel washers, nuts and locking nuts)
  • Anti-galling / anti-seize grease
  • A wrench


  1. Apply anti-seize / anti-galling grease on the threads of the U-clamps.
  2. Set the flat plastic top part of the U-clamp between the child seat rack and the Unicorn Cargo Bike's main tube. This serves to protect the paint on the frame.
  3. Position the bottom part of the U-clamp so that the child seat rack is fastened to the main tube. TIP: the optimal position for the U-clamp closest to the front-edge of the platform is right beside the hole for the dynamo cable above the fork.
  4. Use the washer, nut and finally the locking nut to secure the clamps in place. We recommend to keep the torque of the nuts between 12-15Nm.

**Video coming soon!**


  • Always use anti-galling/anti-seize grease on the U-clamp's stainless steel thread to avoid damaging it.
  • We advise to only install the child seat facing the rider.
  • Thule Yepp 2 maxi
  • Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 maxi

Most child seats with the universal luggage carrier system will work with our child seat rack, however we have not tested every model.

If you have successfully fitted a child seat that is not yet on our list above, we'd love to hear about it! Please send us an email at info@ten07.cc with the brand and model of the child seat.

Give your little one a front-row seat to the excitement of cycling