Elastic Cargo Net

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“How do I keep my groceries from rolling off the platform?” was a question we were recently asked about our cargo bike.

Luckily we’d thought about a solution a long time ago- it just took a while to get it into production!

The first accessory we’ve developed in-house and the ultimate accessory for our sportive cargo bike- the aptly-named Elastic Cargo Net.

Featuring a blend of high-strength elastic webbing, our cargo net provides a secure and adaptable hold for various shapes and sizes of cargo- regardless of whether you’re carrying groceries, parcels or camping gear (sometimes all three!).

We’ve fitted a combination of fixed and adjustable loops on all corners, plus two side straps that you can hook onto the platform of your cargo bike. All Unicorn Cargo Bikes have a bottle boss underneath the webbing on the removable platform, which fits the screws that we ship with the Elastic Cargo Net. 

Product information

- Strong elastic webbing
- Velcro straps
- Metal D-rings
- Ten:07 magic :)


Please note that we currently ship throughout Europe only.

All of your orders are always shipped with Track & Trace. Smaller accessories (like the BySchulz stem and cargo net) are shipped via PostNL; heavier accessories between 1kg-10kg are shipped via DPD and our cargo bikes are shipped through DHL (or the best option provided by our shipping partner).

You should receive the Track & Trace code with your dispatch email once your purchase is on its way to you. Please contact us at raissa@ten07.cc otherwise.

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Please note that packages can only have a maximum weight of 30kgs. For bike orders that come with heavy accessories (e.g. Pendix engine or wooden box), these will arrive in a separate box.

Country Small accessories
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While you can pack almost anything under the cargo net, we recommend to avoid keeping sharp objects under the net as they may cut through the elastic bands.

All about the Cargo Net

  • Cargo net
  • Screws and nuts needed to fasten the side straps of the cargo net to your flat-bed cargo bike

Cargo net: 600mm x 500mm

Perfect for any flat-bed cargo bike


A simple and versatile accessory for your cargo bike

Whether you're on your daily commute, on a big adventure or just running your chores, the Ten:07 Cycles Cargo Net is a handy companion for your cargo bike.