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Folding Cargo Box for Dogs

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Need a pup-friendly box to take your adventure pup everywhere on a cargo bike? Then look no further than our special cargo box!

This foldable wooden box is not only easy to stow away, it also comes with a rain cover and straps to fasten on your Unicorn Cargo Bike (or any cargo bike with a front-loading platform). It has a hole in the rear panel for your dog's leash, making it perfect for grocery runs or bike rides with your furry friend. Plus, its weather-resistant wax coating ensures your box stays well protected despite a bit of rain.

Easily stow it away with your Unicorn Cargo Bike's removable platform when not in use. Convenient, compact, and oh so stylish.

Product information

Wooden folding box
  • Plywood treated with weather-resistant wax
Rain cover
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Elastics
Non-slip straps
  • Straps with velcro


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While the plywood is treated with weather-resistant wax, we recommend that the box be kept indoors when not in use.

designed with dogs in mind

Take your pup on all the adventures

When coming up with the extra features for this special folding cargo box, we really designed it with the intention of offering an accessory with dog owners in mind.

With all the pooch-friendly safety features of our cargo box, the only thing you'll need to think about is your destination and all the fun you'll be having with your furry companion.

All about the Folding Cargo Box for Dogs

  • Wooden folding box
  • Rain cover
  • 2x non-slip straps to fasten the box on your flat-bed cargo bike
  • Wooden box (closed): 600mm x 500mm x 28mm
  • Wooden box (open): 600mm x 500mm x 245mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
Wooden folding box
  • Plywood treated with weather-resistant wax
Rain cover
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Elastics
Non-slip straps
  • Straps with velcro

Quick-release folding mechanism that can't be opened from inside